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Welcome! Dr. Rich shares interesting stories that you can relate to with reminders of common things that we all tend to forget about from time to time. Lessons are easy and fun to listen to and each lesson will leave you with something to think about – a take-away of value. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much experience you have or do not have, listen in and learn! Dr. Rich is an international public speaker, executive mentor, corporate trainer, and author. He is also a retired United States Navy officer of 23 years active duty. Check it out and please share with your friends and colleagues.

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Feb 16, 2019

The most successful people and organizations set and achieve goals that promote gratification and gives life and work meaning, Learn more about how living a goal-centered life can bring clarity and purposeful direction while setting a great example...

Feb 2, 2019

How is it that the most successful people have more spare time than you do? It's simple: they're not busy, they're productive! And, there are common time management tools and strategies they use that in this podcast I share such as time-chunking, setting and hold boundaries, using lists, and avoiding time wasters...